Diving the Wreck of the America
by Don Matejcek
Volume 6

Don Matejcek, a charter member of the Owatonna SCUBA Diving Club, writes a historically significant and personal account of the sinking of the America in 1928, his experience diving the wreck on Lake Superior in the 1970s, and the friendship he developed with two survivors, Drs. Leland and Lamont Clay.

The Stagecoach Opera House
by Tom Butsch
Volume 7

For 18 years audiences flocked to Ozzie Klavstad’s theater in Shakopee to cheer the hero, boo the villain, and enjoy the famous olio acts staged by Bob Moulton and Vern Sutton. Many of its college-age “actors and actoreens,” who learned valuable lessons there, went on to fame and fortune in show business and elsewhere. Barry Morrow became an Oscar and Emmy winning screenwriter, Ivar Brogger has appeared in numerous films and stage plays, Vern Sutton directed the University of Minnesota Opera Theater and appears regularly on A Prairie Home Companion, Cloyce Morrow appeared in movies and television commercials, Bill Macklin became a judge, Paige Hatfield Macklin became a music teacher, and Tom Butsch became a Disneyland art director.

Farm Chores
by Kathy Moe
Volume 7

Springfield resident Kathy Moe writes about rural life in the 1930s and ’40s, when times were simple, expectations were clear, folks made do with what they had, and everyone in the family pitched in to help get the work done.

The State School
by Kathy Megyeri
Volume 5

Between 1886 and 1945, more than 10,600 children called it their home. The State School for Dependent and Neglected Children in Owatonna functioned like a town, with its own school, resident cottages, farm, dairy and recreational facilities. Most buildings still stand, home to Owatonna government offices and the nation’s only Orphanage Museum.

The America, which sank in Lake Superior
the summer of 1928

Tom Butsch, Mac Reynolds, Paige Hatfield, Scott Johnson, and Vern Sutton perform a musical number called “Pet Names” at the Stagecoach Opera House in Shakopee.

Kathy Moe’s sister Donna, taking a little break from a family reunion on the farm near Springfield
The Minnesota State School for Dependent and Neglected Children in Owatonna