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Minnesota history you sure didn’t learn in school!

Minnesota Memories are true stories about real, not fictional,
Minnesota people, places, times and events.
Order books to read at the lake or to give as gifts!

If you are from Minnesota or if you know
someone who is…Minnesota Memories books will
tickle your funny bone,
tug at your heartstrings,
teach you a thing or two, and generally hit the spot.

Minnesota Memories 7
Minnesota Memories 7 just rolled off the press with 57 new stories written by Joan Claire Graham and 44 Friends. From Lake Bronson to Spring Valley and from the Gunflint Trail down to Sherburn, these stories are 100% genuine, with no artificial additives or preservatives, and reading them is just a lot more fun than a person ought to be able to have.

Forty-four new friends join Joan Claire Graham for yet another Minnesota fun fest. If you have the others, this is a welcome addition. If you’re a newcomer to Minnesota Memories, this is a great place to start your collection.

Minnesota Memories are not from Lake Wobegon. And in a bold departure from what folks have come to expect whenever Minnesota stories are told, they do not contain hotdish lore, the phrase “you betcha,” or jokes about Ole and Lena. These are true Minnesota stories written by those who lived them. Some are funny, some are unusual, some are inspirational, some are historical, some are educational, and some are sad. And as we always say in the North Star State, these stories about real Minnesota people, places, times and events are about as good as you’d hear anywhere.